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Discord Ban: A4Brogan

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2023 10:46 am
by A4Brogsn
D8 OF YOUR BANNED :it's been a while, don't quite remember
BAN REASON & LENGTH: got into an argument about acab while trying to defend my uncle and sister-in-law, upsetting another user
BANNING ADMIN : don't remember.

I have done more research on the topic, and *holy shit there are some Leo's that bastard doesn't even begin to describe the grodiness*.

I can see the acab mindset, and realized that, hey, this is Coolstation, so keep it cool and don't get frazzled by what other paisanos here say. Just don't start shit and keep it chill.

I also apologize for me getting uppity. I am kinda an idiot socially, so this kinda measure helps me reflect and readjust, so if I need a bonking, feel free to pull my ear over, explain what I gotta figure out, and do this again. You will be actively helping me get better. Thank you for hearing me out.

Re: Discord Ban: A4Brogan

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2023 1:12 pm
by ReginaldHJ
The apology is appreciated, as well as you looking into and trying to understand why we might feel the way we do about cops, but it wasn't just "another user" that really hated the sudden advocacy and defense of cops. Plus this isn't new. It isn't over a single time, but multiple.

I'll be blunt: the Discord is really not your speed or scene. We're kind of on a certain baseline for discussion, and it's not some kind of space to debate or defend cops or capitalism. There's enough of that literally everywhere else and we're making that decision to not hear it, because we have heard it too many times and have long rejected it. Think about how many places you're in or around, social media, news media, that lionizes the police. One farty little SS13 server isn't interested in the apologia, and that feels like a simple ask.

Though I'm not inclined to be harsh about it in your appeal, you just said yourself that you aren't the most socially savvy out there. You have a real tendency to step in these things and it's not pleasant. I feel like if you were to come back, at some point that line would end up crossed again. We'd all rather not have to keep an eye out for that possibility and then explain to you afterwards what went wrong. We don't have the time or energy for that.

However, as much as we don't want to deal with it, I want to acknowledge that I don't think this is willful or malicious on your part. If it was, like some other people we've already had to ban, we wouldn't bother responding politely and would keep you gone from Discord and the rest.

So don't worry that you're like, sneaking behind our backs or anything by playing while banned from the discord.

You're absolutely welcome to play the game and use the forum all you want so long as you chill out like you said.

Re: Discord Ban: A4Brogan

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2023 2:53 pm
by A4Brogsn
Know what? I can dig that. I totally get that you guys have a different view, and you are taking steps to prevent another incident. The fact you guys are still welcoming me regardless shows me that you guys are being mature about the situation. I'll stick to the forums and just use the GitHub for the important stuff.

Thanks a ton for the kindness you showed me in the reply, I really appreciate how you look out for everyone!