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[EVENT] Gehennan Earthquakes

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2023 11:28 am
by warc
New random event idea: Earthquake!

Open ended on effects but here's a few ideas:
- break windows!
- break walls?
- throw objects inside the compound around on the floor!
- throw people to the ground!
- collapse underground sand tiles back into rock tiles!
- cause random floods on underground sand tiles!

Also: the likelihood and severity of these earthquakes should increase based on some player-driven factors!
- how much sewage has been emptied from the tank (in the special drain/standpipe/septic type!)
- how many underground tunnels have been dug out!!!! especially *inside* the station areas!
- how many explosions have occured!!!
stuff like that.

Lots of room here to make a comprehensively good event.