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BYOND USERNAME : grandalff
D8 OF YOUR BANNED : 2022-12-19, almost 20th day, gmt+2
BAN REASON & LENGTH: No idea, dont care at this point

Honestly, this isnt an appeal. Sooo, after the ban terrible i felt and cried myself to sleep felt shitty for half the day afterwards. But im kinda happy now, because i realise i didnt even like goon because of the codebase, but alot of the players on goon 2. And great thing is, im friends with most of them in discord, and alot of us are in a private discord server. And i chat with most of them alot.

Also, im not an asshole. Yes, my jokes are about sensetive topics, and goon (and likely you guys) are extra strict on this stuff. I know i should joke like that. I have a problem of say first think later. And i would be apologetic if i didnt feel like the ban was for the wrong, and mostly shitty reason in my eyes. There was stuff i needed to be punished for, but i mean, a fucking pfp and name i didnt even know what ment(because i made that word up by combining 2 words and changing some letters to sound edgier) a pronouns joke are not any of those. My cockiness, rudeness towards people less knowledgeable or competent was. I mean ive changed in that term and the fact that i just started to care more about people, especially after October. Jokes dont make me a bad person, hell, the person i joked about gassing (tommy) is my friend, and the inspiration was me walling him off in a room and after removing the wall coming up with that joke. Hes not even jewish.

And i dont support white supremacy, or any kind of prejudice, and im mostly against it.
And its difficult to own up to shit you dont even remember saying, because it happens in the moment and unless i write it down i forget.

So in other words, why am i here, i need to start sleeping for more than 4 hours
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Re: nut

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man you're not the protagonist of the internet, log off and touch grass.
grow the fuck up.

e: also holy shit man, thats a lot of words for someone who doesn't care about anyone else's experiences.

E2: also you don't "need to be punished" for anything, im not your parents and honestly seems like nobody has been- but no, you're not banned *as a punishment for your fragile white accidents* you're banned for OUR benefit, to be rid of people who can't be asked to just be considerate and / or compassionate enough to like, *not* "joke" about the holocaust, or pronouns, or whatever the fuck amuses you in the moment.

Stay gone.
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