FEATURE - Wireless Powernet Bridge

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FEATURE - Wireless Powernet Bridge

Post by ReginaldHJ »

i'd love to see (or make) a wireless bridge for powernets.


the wireless network looks like it's more of a sensor/device/pda thing than wirenet, even if the network radio allows communication between different distant areas (or say, a zeta-like outpost that is physically disconnected)

i'm picturing a selectable frequency range/key that joins powernets


take its connected wirenet. finds a nodes with matching frequency/key, joins that wirenet(s) the other node(s) have.

power outage, reset, config change or deletion sends a signal to the other connected node(s) to disconnect, wait 30 ticks, then reconnect.

not sure if they should poll each other every so often but whatever.

config would be adjustable through wirenet and a thinkdos program (maybe a var on certain critical bridges to require head level auth?), plus a reset button on the thing itself

edit: jammable, of course. it'd be interesting to see traitor radio jamming used for more than just making sure someone can't call for help over 145.9.

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